Wednesday, December 3, 2008

well sports fans - its that time of year - when i totally turn into a kid again. (ok - in all fairness - i'm pretty much a kid all the time) but i just get beside myself - i LOVE christmas! i love getting together with family and friends - having people pop in and making a quick batch of hot chocolate with the big ole honkin' marshmallows - i love sitting up late after everybody's gone to bed with my fuzzy pj's and my favorite throw all curled up on the couch watching a movie with only the christmas tree lights on. i love christmas trees. all the different stores with theirs in the windows. i like seeing everybody elses trees - i think you can tell a lot about a person by their tree. mine is just a hodge-podge of old and new stuff , mostly sentimental stuff. its not fancy - not one bit. but its cozy lookin' and looks like home.

i have primitive-looking ornaments, home-made ornaments from my kids - of course its tradition everybody gets a new ornament each ear. another tradition with me and the kids is i make a HUGE batch of popcorn on the stove "the old fashioned way" they say - then we put a big quilt on the floor and string the popcorn while we watch the polar express. it usually winds up ME stringing the popcorn and THEM watching the movie but they do about one strand and they're done. so the house annoyingly smells like popcorn for about 3 days but then it goes away - of course my applejack peel spray helps with that. MAN that stuff smells SOOOOO GOOD! so homey!

i haven't posted any pix for christmas yet - i'm working on it - i got a few ideas. hope to have them up this weekend.

so if you're not in the mood - WELL GET THAT WAY!!!! if you're feelin' all ba-humbug, just minimize my blog while you're surfin' the net and listen to my favorite songs from christmas. you're sure to get in the christmas spirit with all these greats!

Monday, November 17, 2008

i had to get rid of that 70's stuff for a while now that my mood has changed. i have about 6 different playlists so i'll be changing them from time to time. since i was up on the mountain and had these pix posted i thought i'd let you listen to the bluegrass one. man "if that music don't light' che fire - yer wood's wet!"

so scroll on down and see what all i've got. you might find one you like! my two favorites by patty loveless are on here- daniel prayed and you'll never leave harlan alive and heartstrings by allison krauss.

this weekend i had one of those moments where i felt like i needed to just break and run. so i did. all the way to short mountain.
it was so beautiful up there. so peaceful and quiet. (except for the occasional twig snapping from a little critter hoppin' around somewhere.) the air was so cold and crisp that it made your eyes water but it was SO worth it. i've never seen so many colors. the view was absolutely breathtaking. i needed to just getaway. here's a few pix from no-man's land.

there was even this sweet sweet sweet little abandoned cabin up at the top. MAN if i just knew who owned it -i'd have pictures of the inside to show you - well - that and if i'd had on better shoes. it was right up against the road but you had to walk down a little piece and i couldn't very well go traipsing off down that muddy bank in my crocs - then i'd had to post the picture from inside the ambulance with me and the EMT's throwin' up our deuces and makin' "the myspace face". lol. (of course - that would be AFTER the morphine drip was started for the broken leg and dislocated shoulder).
and yes mom - my cell phone got a signal up there so i COULD have called for help if i needed to.

Friday, November 14, 2008

"SHUT UP!!!!! are you kidding me???? !!!!!!" - these were the first words out of my mouth this morning! i realized i had forgotten to start the jeans up again in the dryer. they were still damp. i hit snooze one too many times so i'm peeling pajamas heading to the bathroom, hopping on one foot trying to get my pj bottoms off. i make it to the shower jump in - those cactus legs will have to wait one more day! and those feet? are SERIOUSLY past due for a pedicure. "in my best scarlett o'hara voice - "i'll have to think about that tomorrow". a quick rinse, lather and repeat and i'm out.

next in the shower is my daughter - just getting her UPRIGHT in the mornings is a big enough chore - much less getting her awake enough to get her IN the shower and get started. once she's sober and scrubbing then i head to wake up the man of the house - my son (he's 8). he's like his dad - you say his name and he's up and at it. bright eyed and bushy tailed. my daughter took back after me - i.e. see paragraph one (snooze abuser). he opens his eyes and stretches and rolls out of bed, turns and lays back down - its like a record scratch and i stop dead in my tracks - turn back around and he's pasty white, dark circles under his eyes and coughs so hard it sounds like a coon dog! well - there goes my working IN the office today. so i tell him just get your clothes on - i'll fix you breakfast when we get back from taking your sister to school.

run BACK through to the other end of the house where the pre-teen is having a mental breakdown about her pants not fitting right. so i throw her another pair run back through to grab the keys and start the car so it can warm up - run BACK into my bedroom to grab my shoes - step in a puddle!!!! in my carpet!!!!! our cat, whiskers, is black - so we didn't see she was in last night when we went to bed. so sometime in the night she decided she couldn't hold it any more - no lanolium in the house was apparently satisfactory enough for her to empty her bladder on so she piddles right in my bedroom doorway. (mind you she's on probation from her last incident - that's why there's no litter box. i evicted her back in march)

"WHISKERRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSS!!!!!" i yell at the top of my lungs. so i storm to the other bathroom, pull off my sock stick my foot under the faucet and scrubb it with scalding hot water. then blow back through the living room, snatch her up from her nap on my NEW KAKHI CHAIR!!!! (remember she's solid black) again with the scarlett ohara "i'll have to think about that tomorrow" i snatch her up and toss her outside mubling under my breath go grab the carpet cleaner and clean that up - so much for ME drying MY hair before i take my daughter to school.

somehow i managed to get that cleaned up - not have a complete mental breakdown mySELF and deliver miss priss to school ON TIME - i SO knew we would be late.

like i said - the title of my blog is so appropriate. drama - party of 1.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

hey yall - i made a list of songs that i loved when i was little - back in the mid to late 70's. (no comments from the peanut gallery. thank you) check 'em out!

this is me. 35 and fab-u-lisssss! (snap snap snap) - lol

my mom has been on me and on me and on me some more about writing a book. um . . .yeah. i'm all over it! being a single mom with two kids i'm lucky if i have time to shave my legs! much less have time to write a book! how about we start with a blog. you know. . . get my feet wet.

just a few stats:

favorite food: home cookin'
favorite drink: sweet tea
favorite perfume: dulce and gabbana - light blue
favorite men's calogne: perry ellis black
favorite tv show: psych
favorite outfit: jeans, a long-sleeve t-shirt and flip flops
favorite dessert: yellow cake with strawberries
favorite vacation spot: panama city
favorite flower: if i had to pick one i'd i guess. i love any wild flower
favorite movie of all time: gone with the wind
favorite quote: "if you don't have anything nice to say. . . come sit by me" - clairee, steele magnolias
favorite cartoon character: snoopy (all the peanuts gang really)
hobbies: photography, cooking, browsing for antiques, fishing, camping and riding horses

k.... that oughtta do for now

the 70's

this is me when i was ....oh....i guess maybe 4 - ish. straight up stylin' and profilin' in my butterfly collar and jacked up hair! (thank god for conditioner and flat irons!) i'm REALLY thankful olan mills didn't take a full body shot - you'd probably pee your pants if you could see the pants i had on - i bet they were the denim elastic-waist bell-bottoms with the quilted patchwork on the legs. and you can BANK on it that if i was goin' anywhere in 1977 i had on my buster browns. (WITH the burned orange shoe laces). - talk about super-fly! lol.
i tried to find a picture so you could REALLY see my personality as a kid. i totally remember the day this picture was made. we went to nashville - tho i'm not sure just why - but i DO however remember going to rivergate mall and getting my favorite ice cream "grape sherbert" SHUT UP SHUT UP! man that stuff was the BOMB!
my mom says i'm her "animated child". i guess that pretty much sums it up. even as a little girl i LOVED being the center of attention. if you said "ok everybody line up on this line right here..." - i'd be the first one to it. i had to be right slap in the middle of whatever was going on. what am i talking about - had to be - i'm that way still. lol.
i learned VERY early on that if i could just make my mom laugh - the whippin' wouldn't be NEARLY as bad. that's something i pretty much carried over into adulthood. if i can make you laugh - i feel like i've accomplished something.
music was also a big deal at our house. my dad worked at night so it was just me and my mom hanging out - we'd either have the radio going or my favorite thing was to get out the records and sometimes i would even get to put them on - "but be careful with the needle" - i musta heard that a million times. lol. i can remember sitting in the dining room floor - that hidious brown and gold pattern - looking at this one cher record - that had gypsies, tramps and thieves on it. it was like a tri-fold record cover and it had all these pictures of her out in the desert and stuff. one had her with her hair wet and it was combed straight down in front of her face and it was black and white - it was real close up and you could just see her eyes and nose and mouth. OH! OH OH!!! and mom had this barbara streisand record that we wore out - i think it was called superman or something. i remember i liked the cover because it had lots of pictures of her on it too. she had on all white - white short shorts, white t-shirt, white knee-socks and white shoes. i think she even had a 'fro! barbara, not my mom.
that's why i put the 70's music on here - so you can listen while you read about my fabulous life.